We bottle wellness.
We specialize in the manufacture of cannabis-infused beverages.
White-Label manufacturing. Brand Creation.
White-Label Manufacturing. Cannabis-infused Beverage Brands.
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Our scalable and flexible manufacturing process delivers solutions
that allow for production of a diverse array of beverages, flavors and infusions.
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Quality in quantity. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectet adipiscing.
Quality in quantity. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectet adipiscing.
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Pristine Spring Water Source
Naturally Alkaline.
Bottled at Source.
Our spring water is sourced directly from our aquifer in the BC interior of Canada. The natural, slow filtration of pristine backcountry rain and melted snow through layers of rock and stone help create a clean taste experience.
Proprietary and patented technology
Water-soluble infusions on site
100-acre outdoor cultivation in the Okanagan Valley
Cultivation & Technology
We have high standards because we know our consumers do, too
We leverage proprietary and patented technology to produce premium tasting, water-soluble cannabinoid infusions using THC and CBD from both cannabis and hemp.

We have high standards, because we know consumers do, too. Our selected technology and formulation partners adhere to strict quality standards, including:

  • 100% optical clarity (in water)
  • Tasteless in water, high degree of desirability when flavoured
  • Long term stability
  • Complete homogeneity from start to finish
  • Fast onset time

Along with onsite infusion and bottling, BevCanna is located on a 130-acre outdoor cultivation site. An applicant for both a Standard Cultivation and Processing Licence, the location is well known for its fertile soils and optimal growing conditions. The Okanagan region holds 100+ wineries and over 2,400 hectares of planted vineyards.
From craft to commercial scale we build brands that resonate
Our team brings expertise launching global wellness and alcohol brands, including Canada’s first CFIA approved functional beverage.

Our full-service branding and design capabilities include:
  • Research
  • Positioning
  • Formulation
  • Packaging
  • Production

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